Nine Lives Greece

Nine Lives Greece – Οι Εφτάψυχες is a Greek charity established in 2006 and helps cats now, through feeding and care, and for the future, by neutering and rehoming.

Nine Lives Greece main aim is the humane reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programmes. Each year, they get hundreds of stray cats in Athens neutered/spayed, greatly reducing the numbers of unwanted kittens born each season, and ensuring a healthier adult cat population.

They also improve the quality of life for existing street cats through feeding programmes (on a daily basis, they feed nearly 450 stray and abandoned cats in central Athens), routine anti-parasite treatment, and veterinary care for ill or injured felines.

In addition, they try to find loving, responsible homes for as many stray or abandoned cats and kittens as possible. They are just a handful of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to the stray cats, they have no office, no shelter facilities, no animal ambulance or transport van, and they receive NO state funding or assistance.

Continue below with watching 2 videos I personally made about my experience with this beautiful organization and meeting many cute Greek kitties.

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