Catnip kickeroo - Icecream Pink


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Catnip kickeroo toy - this toy will trigger your cat's senses of smell (with catnip inside) & sight by wanting to hunt the toy as it looks like real food. 

Wonder what catnip kickeroo toy your cat prefers...there are several available in the shop so take your pick Crazy Cat mom and have fun!

Product Information

Catnip kickeroo - Icecream Pink
Check the video how cats can play with these kind of catnip kickeroo fun!

Size or Dimensions

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The toy is around 20cm long and 9cm wide.

Product Details

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The catnip toy is made out of cotton, plush & catnip. 

Special Instructions

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Do not wash to keep the smell of catnip fresh. It is good to take the toy away sometimes to keep it exciting & new for the cat.