Matatabi crazy sticks - Set of 5


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Matatabi sticks can have a fun effect on your kitty. It is like the herb catnip and can give the same "high feeling" effect for some minutes but it from a Matatabi tree that grows mainly China & Japan. 

One great advantage of Matatabi; it comes in a stick and when the cat bites & plays with is also great for a natural teeth cleaning session. It is safe for the cats to chew and eat the stick so don't freak out! 

Fun & healthy = happy kitty = happy Crazy Cat mom.

Please note: it does not affect ALL cats just like some don't react to catnip at all. You can remove some of the bark (outside of the stick) to check if the herb has more influence. 

Product Information

Matatabi sticks; the sticks come in a set of 5. Check the video to see how a Matatabi stick can work for a cat

Size or Dimensions

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The Matatabi sticks are around 10-12cm long and 1/2cm wide. 

Product Details

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The Matatabi sticks come in a set of 5. Give the stick as a treat and not more than 2-3 a week to keep the scent exciting for the cat. If the cat is finished playing, take the stick away and give it back later. After playing the cat usually starts washing themselves and will take a nap after the calming effect of the Matatabi herb.

Special Instructions

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Monitor the cat when playing with the stick but it is very safe for the cat to chew and even eat the stick so don't freak out when your kitty does this!